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  • Posted On: 14 January 2016

In 2014 Oakapple Renewable Energy Ltd installed 157.5 kWp of solar panels across 3 care homes in London, Preston and Edinburgh. The systems were purchased outright by the customer in order to benefit from the Feed In Tariff. Renesola and Yingli polycrystalline modules were installed with Samil and KLNE Inverters. The systems were forecast to generate a total of 136,560kWh of power in year 1; all available to be used on site by the care homes, and saving a massive 59,420 Kg of CO2 per annum.

In monetary terms the care homes could make a combined saving of £16,387 per year, based on a 12p/kWh energy cost from the grid plus the FIT revenue which equates to a possible £17,400.

Quick Stats

  • Location: Preston
  • System Size: 45kWp
  • Panel model: Yingli
  • Inverter model: Samil
  • Annual output: 37,500 kWh
  • Annual CO2 Savings: 19,000 kg
  • Location: London
  • System Size: 62.5kWp
  • Panel model: Yingli
  • Inverter model: Klne
  • Annual output: 54,600 kWh
  • Annual CO2 Savings: 39,000 kg
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