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The Grange

  • Posted On: 14 January 2016
The Grange

Oakapple Renewable Energy Ltd installed a system consisting of ET Solar Solar 250Wp panels using a Ceniq mounting system due to the nature of the roof. This is one of the few systems which can be used without penetrating the roof and requires minimal ballast to secure the mounting frames.

The 38kw solar PV system is expected to generate 34,811kWh every year for the benefit of the client and will also produce around 18 tonnes of CO2 savings annually.

Quick Stats

  • Location: Bermondsey
  • System Size: 38kWp
  • Panel model: ET Solar 250w
  • Inverter model: Klne
  • Annual output: 34,811 kWh
  • Annual CO2 Savings: 18,396 kg
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