Go Solar, Grow Your Business

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) is achieving significant savings and returns
  • Investing in Solar PV on commercial roofs turns dead space into healthy income
  • Installing Solar PV lowers a company’s carbon emissions
  • Reducing emissions and commercial carbon footprint is moving from an aspiration to a requirement, helping businesses gain ISO14001 certification
  • Installing Solar PV alongside implementing an environmental management plan can make a big difference when it comes to attracting new as well as repeat business
  • A solar PV installation can help gain an extra competitive advantage in a challenging economic climate
  • The Climate Levy Charge on current electricity bills means companies with no renewables are paying the feed in tariff of participating companies, with no direct benefit.
  • Solar PV is a secure investment with payments being Government guaranteed through the Feed in Tariff for 20 years as well as savings against energy purchased from the grid
  • Solar PV is the most reliable, affordable and proven renewable technology to give a good ROI
  • Solar PV will protect your business against future energy shortages and price increases
  • Most Solar PV installations don’t need planning permission; up to IMW on roof is now allowed under permitted development
  • 100% Fully Funded and Asset Finance available

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