Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) will give you a free, fully maintained solar PV system on your roof for 20 to 40 years and allow you to purchase generated electricity up to 50% cheaper than your current energy supplier.

When considering solar panels for a business, purchasing a system outright often gives you the best returns, however, raising capital for the initial outlay can be a concern.

With a PPA, your solar PV system is provided and installed at zero cost and in turn, any generated electricity you use is then purchased from the financing partner at a pre-agreed cost that is lower than your electricity provider, therefore saving you money on your energy bills.

The feed-in tariff payments will be nominated to a third party of our choice for the duration of the PPA contract and when the contract term is finished, the PV system will be gifted to the landlord/owner.

What are the benefits of a PPA?

As outlined above, there are no costs to yourself other than the purchase of the generated electricity you use every month. The price we charge will never exceed what you would pay from the grid allowing you to save money on your energy bills and be protected from electricity price rises.

Furthermore, there is no responsibility from you for the operation of the system as the maintenance and associated costs are all covered by Oakapple Renewable Energy Ltd.

Looking longer term, the PPA contract can be transferred if the building is sold, with the new owner continuing to benefit from cheaper electricity and reduced bills.

Is my roof suitable for a PPA?

One of our qualified surveyors will conduct detailed analysis of your roof size, type, orientation and pitch in addition to assessing your current electricity pricing and bills to ensure you are a suitable candidate for a PPA.

In addition, for a PPA to be considered, your roof needs to have enough space for a minimum system size of 30 kWp (approx. 120 panels) that is not affected by shading. It is also recommended that your building has a half-hourly electricity meter and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

How the process works

After we have assessed your suitability for a PPA and gathered data about your current electricity pricing and usage, if an agreement looks feasible, we will make an offer to lease your roof in addition to a proposed electricity tariff rate to give you instant savings on your future bills.

With your agreement in principal, we will then proceed to secure any relevant permissions which may include planning or grid connection.

Given any required permissions are accepted, you will then sign an official PPA agreement with Oakapple Renewable Energy Ltd to lease the roof space and we will then install the solar PV system, designed by our highly skilled in-house design and technical team.

Following the installation, you will benefit from reduced energy bills for the length of the term with no ongoing maintenance fees. After the end of the term, the system is then gifted to the landlord to enjoy continued use and maximum benefit of free, green electricity generation.