Social Housing

Even though the Renewables incentives have been drastically cut by the UK government, it is important to maximise the benefits and returns for your available Housing Stock.

Oakapple Renewable Energy Ltd is best placed through our expertise, options, accreditations and external funder backing, to provide you with a free, no obligation audit and analysis of your stock.

Through planning and installation we provide better, energy efficient homes by delivering sustainable energy solutions. Backed by the UK Government as the best placed Solar PV offering at highly subsidised rates, we have a number of finance, installation, and partnership models to allow RSLs and Local Authorities to achieve sustainable solar energy.

From there we can manage, maintain and insure the PV to allow you to concentrate on your core business and let us take care of the PV, ensuring maximum benefit to the buildings and the tenants with the use of the solar power generated on site.

Oakapple Renewable Energy Ltd has installed on over 2500 social houses and continue to assist RSL’s and HA’s with fuel poverty issues as well as enhancing the properties in the challenge of making more sustainable homes and the ever increasing demands in legislation.