Our multi-award winning service is driven by a consultancy based approach to solar PV, delivered by integrated functional teams. Whatever your energy requirements, our services are designed to leverage your opportunities, maximise your returns and give you peace of mind.

This page will give you more detailed information about our consultancy based service.

Our service is delivered through six key areas, each having a fundamental role in designing and delivering a bespoke system to your business as highlighted below.

Design and engineering

Our professional design service is complimented by our drive for innovation and is an area in which we heavily invest. .

Following a full site survey, our expert design team utiliese specialist software to engineer a system that is bespoke to your requirements and roof space whilst factoring in solutions to any identified issues such as shading, obstructions etc.

This will take into consideration the type and construction of your roof to specify products that will deliver on performance, aesthetics and compatibility, whilst further ensuring that the total weight of the system can be supported by your roof.


Whilst self-funding solar PV offers the best returns over the lifetime of the system, it is more common for companies to look into financing options to fund a system.

We therefore have an effective network of finance partners to offer you financing solutions including power purchase agreements, finance loans, and a new exclusive ‘operating solution’ for schools and academies.

If you are self-funding a solar PV system, we can also put you in contact with the right advice for taking advantage of any investment benefits such as the annual investment allowance.


We offer an extensive range of technology products including solar panels, mounting frames, inverters and monitoring systems. As a leading installer, we only source ‘tier 1’ solar panels that are approved by insurance companies and are from suppliers that are deemed to be in the top 2% of panel manufacturers in the World for quality.

Each product has its specific features and benefits that are carefully matched to each project to offer the most efficient system and also meet the requirements of the client.

We constantly focus our attention on technology advancements in the market place, allowing us to keep our product portfolio fresh with the latest solutions. We are also one of the first companies in the solar PV industry to pioneer power export limitation as a solution for any export constraints imposed by distribution network operators.

Due to our reputation in the industry, we are currently an installer for the high efficiency JA Solar panel (290W), which is a premium solution for clients with smaller roof spaces to receive generation above that of standard panels (typically 240-250W) as well as the JA Solar TIGO optimised panel, which has module level monitoring and enhanced fire safety.

Project management

We directly employ our own Project Manager’s (PM), each with over 6 years’ experience in solar PV. All of the PM’s originated from a technical background and understand first-hand the technicalities of installing; this additional experience has allowed them to manage and supervise installation teams more effectively.

An Oakapple Renewable Energy PM is assigned to each project and this offers the client one-to-one support throughout the entire process. Having regular communication with a PM gives our clients peace of mind, especially in the unlikely event of any issues.

The PM’s also work in collaboration with our internal teams including design, technical and customer support; to deliver a project successfully, we find that regular communication internally is just as important as communicating with the client.


With the quality of the installation just as important as any other part of the process, we ensure our operations are managed thoroughly and that our directly employed site teams are trained extensively to deliver the level of service that sets us apart from the competition.

With regional delivery, we have long-standing relationships with key sub-contractors around the UK to complete some of our installation work. Each sub-contractor has been rigorously audited and trained to maintain the expected level of quality as highlighted above.

Our clients are quick to praise our installation teams from start to finish of each project. For additional peace of mind, our work is backed with a 5 year workmanship guarantee.

Customer service & support

At Oakapple Renewable Energy Ltd we focus on putting the customer first, therefore we have our own dedicated customer service team in-house to offer a single point of contact to deal with any support enquiries. Unlike many companies, our customer support service extends beyond the initial installation period to supporting you through the life time of your system.

We offer a 24/7 telephone service with emergencies also dealt with out of hours. For less urgent matters, there are many other ways to contact our support team as highlighted below;

Phone: 0113 270 8052

To complement our after-care service, we also recommend that you consider one of our operation and maintenance options to ensure your system continues to deliver maximum benefits throughout its life time.

Please contact us for details